An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company
  Medical Billing & Coding  
  ActsInfo can provide medical billing services to you by using your existing Software and Process. If you are a healthcare service provider, a medical billing company or an insurance company, ActsInfo is very keen to implement Medical Billings solutions and reduce overall operational costs.We can provide high quality and cost effective complete billing solutions  
  Our team is familiar in CPT, HCPS, ICD-9 Coding level I,II,III  
  ActsInfo has made investments in technology, methodology and people and has gained expertise by obtaining US training in all aspects of medical billing. Our knowledge in medical billing and technology can help you obtain a competitive edge and you can save on your current staffing related expenditures.  
  Healthcare service providers and medical billing companies, using their existing process and software to give them prompt turnaround time on their data processing functions with assurance of a high quality service. Our Medical Billing Services include the following:  
  • Patient Demographics Entry
  • Charge Entry
  • Payment Posting and reconciliation
  • Denial Management / AR Analysis
  Our Work Flow  
  • Clients can Courier the medical claims to us or upload the scanned images of medical claims to our secured server.
  • Data entry from various sources including hardcopies, images files and databases
  • Medical Claims are edited for valid content including missing information, valid procedure and diagnosis codes, and carrier specific information.
  • The medical Billing Claims undergoes an intense audit process.
  • Audited Medical Claims are forwarded for payment to different commercial, and government healthcare plans
  • Post payment received from insurance carriers and patients.
  • Follow-up on any unpaid Medical Claims
  Key Features and Benefits  
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Exceptional Quality
  • High Data Security.
  • Internal Audit
  • High Data Accuracy
  • Enhanced Risk Management
  • Pragmatic and Flexible Approach
  • Integration of Medical Billing with the core EMR And Charge Capture Systems
  • Enables Automated Claims Generation
  • Electronic Submission of Medical Claims
  • Capable of handling a wide variety of customized processes.